Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Capacity and diversity analysis of UWB relay channels    M.Sc.    Faramarzi Yazd, Maryam    2010-12-22
2    Grassmannian fusion frames    M.Sc.    Mohammadpour, Mozhgan    2011-04-22
3    Analysis of Capacity and Coverage Region for MIMO Relay Channel    M.Sc.    Alizadeh, Alireza    2011-05-14
4    Simple Mathematical Inequalities in Free Space Optical Information Theory    M.Sc.    Rezazadeh, Arezou    2012-02-25
5    Carrier to Interference Ratio in Shotgun Cellular Systems over Composite Fading Channels    M.Sc.    bagheri, asma    2012-03-03
6    Information Theoritic Analysis of the Concept of the Cognition in Communications    Ph.D    Seyyed Anzabi Nejad, Nima    2012-04-21
7    application of wavelet for resolution enhancement of mamographic images    M.Sc.    goli, fatemeh    2012-05-19
8    Analysis of broadband PLC channels based on SC-FDE    Ph.D    sheikh hosseini, mohsen    2013-05-15
9    informatio theoretic analysis of interference channels with common sources and side information    Ph.D    monemizadeh, mostafa    2013-05-16
10    Theoretic Analysis of Multiple-Access Relay Channel (with Orthogonal Components, Gaussian and Fading cases-with Common Message-Gaussian with Correlated Noises-with side information at the relay)    Ph.D    Osmani Bojd, Mohammad    2013-06-13
11    numrical computation of sum capacity of multiple access channel with side information and and information analysis of multiple access relay channel    Ph.D    Sahebalam, Assadallah    2013-06-13
12    Analysis and Modeling of DS-CDMA Signal Parameters Estimation Algorithms    Ph.D    Samsami Khodadad, Farid    2013-09-23
13    Shotgun Cellular System (Stable distribution approximation- Stieltjes transform based channel capacity analysis)    M.Sc.    Pourmandi, Massoud    2013-09-28
14    Capacity Analysis of MACs with Partial Side Information by Lattice Coding and Decoding    Ph.D    bahmani, Elham    2013-10-28
15    Blind De-blurirng of Blurred Image Due to Linear Movement of Camera or Object    M.Sc.    jamalzehi moghaddam, farzad    2013-11-09
16    Evaluation and Improving the Performance of Classification Algorithms Based on Sparse Representation    M.Sc.    saffari, seyyed alireza    2013-12-07
17    MIMO relay channel (coverage region)    M.Sc.    Razeghi, Behrooz    2014-01-04
18    Granger Causality in Biology    M.Sc.    yazdani, somaie    2014-01-18
19    Magnetic recording channels    M.Sc.    Naseri, Sima    2014-02-08
20    Gaussian Fading 3-Receiver Broadcast Channel    M.Sc.    Bahrami, Sajjad    2014-02-08
21    State Estimation Based On Constraints Learning    M.Sc.    izanloo, reza    2014-10-12
22    Robust Sparse Subspace Clustering via Minimum Entropy Error    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Majeed    2014-10-27
23    On the secrecy capacity region of multiple-access channels with and without side information    Ph.D    Sonee, Amir    2014-11-20
24    capacity and information Rate analysis of phase noise channels    M.Sc.    Vahedi Tabas, Hamed    2015-03-14
25    On Ergodic Capacity and Outage Probability for Secondary Users inPoint-to-Point and Multiple Access Channels and On Discriminative Sparse blinear regression    M.Sc.    Rezaeifar, Shideh    2015-03-14
26    The Least Sum Square Error Followed By Prior knowledge    M.Sc.    pakizehhajiyar, fariba    2015-06-08
27    Target tracking using trajectory graph based particle filter    M.Sc.    hashemi, amin    2015-09-22
28    Sampling based on Renyi’s Divergence applied to Large data reduction    M.Sc.    ramezanzadeh yazdi, abolfazl    2015-09-22
29    Automated probabilistic-algebraic cryptanalysis of symmetric block ciphers    Ph.D    eskandari, zahra    2015-11-04
30    Improving of information theoretic learning methods and its applications in analysis of non-Gaussian and nonlinear communication channels    Ph.D    heravi, ahmad reza    2016-02-18
31    Communications and Information Theoretic Analysis of the Relay and Feedback Effects on Multiple Access Channel Performances    Ph.D    Moeen Taghavi, Seyed Ehsan    2016-02-21
32    Information Theoretic Analysis of Detection and Estimation in Wireless Sensor Network    Ph.D    hakimi, saeed    2016-03-02
33    Visible light communication    M.Sc.    ghaziniya, roohallah    2016-03-04
34    Capacity Region of Secondary Gaussian Multiple Access Channel with Feedback (Two Transmitters)    M.Sc.    saberi, asem    2016-03-12
35    : Evaluation of the Non orthogonal Multiple Access Channel communication benefits compared with orthogonal Multiple Access Channels    M.Sc.    ajami khales fadafen, faramarz    2016-04-09
36    Information Theoretic Analysis of ADC    M.Sc.    akbari zakaria, sahar    2016-04-16
37    Learning Scalable Similarity measure based on Structure of Data    Ph.D    Zabihzadeh, Davood    2016-06-08
38    Ensemble Loss Function    Ph.D    hajiabadi, hamideh    2016-06-08
39    Capacity and Achievable Rate Analysis for Visible Light Communication Channels    M.Sc.    shamsah, mustafa    2017-03-11
40    Geometric Similarity Learning    Ph.D    Godaz, Reza    2017-06-14
41    Analysis of the feedback or side information impact on rate and capacity region and communication performances of multiuser channels    Ph.D    Boostanpour, Jafar    2017-11-04
42    Physical Layer Security in Multiple Access Channels: Communication & Information Theoretic Analysis    Ph.D    ghanami, fateme    2017-11-04
43    Analysis of the rate and capacity of multiple access channels in the presence of phase noise    M.Sc.    goli, vahid    2018-06-11